Frequently asked questions (and the answers)

Is there a reception desk?

There is no reception desk but check in is quick and easy

There is a keypad by the door and when you book you get the code so you can enter by yourself

There is also a door phone and if you push CALL we can open the door for your remotely

No standing around waiting !

If you need to reach us by phone the number is (+354) 511 2166

How do I get information and a map of Reykjavik, information on tours etc. ?

You will find a map and a wide range of booklets in the apartment.

The tourist information centers are in Laugvegur and the city center.

How do I get there from the airport?

An airport bus is available for all flights and takes passengers directly

to our hotels. You can to book in advance:


For a map of Reykjavik click here

My flight arrives very late. How do I get the keys?

Castle House has a 24 hour reception

At the Embassy Apartments and Northern Comfort Apartments, if we are not there when you arrive,

ring the door bell marked reception, and we will

open the doors for you remotely.

No standing around waiting !

You can also reach us by phone 24 hours a day.

The phone number is (+354) 511 2166

What is the check in - time?

Check in is at 15:00 (3 pm) on the day of arrival. Check out on departure is at 11:00 am

If the apartment happens to have been free on the day before, you can check

in at any time after 7 AM. You can find this out on arrival in Keflavík

The phone number is (+354) 511 2166

Do you supply towels and linen?

Yes. The apartments are very well equipped, just like little hotel suites.

We also supply soap, shampoo and hairdryers.

Is it possible to get breakfast?

Yes, it is. Please order breakfast when you book the apartment.

There is a grocery shop in the arrivals hall at the airport and

we provide maps with the location of grocery stors close to the apartments

All our apartments have fully equipped kitchens.

Do you have internet access?

All our apartments have complimentary wireless internet connections.

How far away from the city center are the apartments?

The Castle House and the Embassy are 3 - 500 meters from the city center.

Northern Comfort apartments are 600 meters from Laugavegur and from Hlemmur

Is there parking at the hotel?

There is metered parking in the street. The charge for parking in this

area is ISK 80 (approx. £0.50 - $1 - 0.65 Euro) or for the first 2 hours,

then ISK 20 per hour from 10 - 6 pm weekdays 10 - 13 Saturdays and free on Sundays.

There is also free parking in some nearby side streets.

How does staying at the apartments compare to being in a hotel?

You get much more space and privacy at the apartments

and you can make your own meals if you want to while getting full maid service

(or go to one of the great restaurants in walking distance from the apartments).

Is everything expensive in Iceland?

Reykjavik is not in the list top ten most expensive European cities Last year it was number 18.

On the other hand according to reports Iceland has the friendliest population in Europe !

What many people find most expensive here is alcohol and restaurant meals.

On arrival in Keflavik airport you can shop tax free for alcohol and tobacco.

Reykjavik has many excellent restaurants and some of them are not very expensive.

However you can save a lot by making your own meals now and again.

Groceries vary in price from shop to shop, BONUS and KRONAN being the least expensive stores.

Exchanging money

You can use international credit cards in almost all shops, restaurants etc. even Taxis.

Maestro and Visa Electron debit cards too.

Some UK, European and US banks will sell you Icelandic kronur at a much worse conversion

rate than you would get in Iceland.

Here you can see the conversion rates in Iceland today. You would get the lower amount

(Kaupgengi) when changing money in an Icelandic bank. Compare this to what you would

get in your country and you might well make a saving.